Chapter Four: Adult Hockey

After his Harvard playing career ended, Joe enjoyed another 40+ years of tending goal, sometimes for pay but mostly in adult “no-check hockey.” Many of these experiences are shared in Chapter Four.

Playing for the Milwaukee Admirals was a trip. We were put up in the once posh Knickerbocker Hotel, which at the time the team occupied it, was otherwise filled with senior citizens. As previously noted, we were paid $18 a day, plus $10 for every road win. That led to frequent pep talks prior to the third period on the road, ending with, “You need that money. I need that money. Let’s go!”

The speaker was our coach, Andre Caron. Doing his best with a heavy French accent, the coach might order breakfast with, “I’ll have two eggs, side by each, and a pair of toast.” Or perhaps he would urge us to “Make some skate” or “Have some proud.” But my favorite was, “If you give these guys a hinch, they take a feet.”

Andre wasn’t the only one who struggled with language. We had a talented defenseman on the team by the name of Rene Daze, which was properly pronounced reh-NAY dah-ZAY. One night, on the road, the PA announcer introduced him, phonetically, as, “And on defense, number twenty, RAINY DAYS!”

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